About MetaClock

The what, the who, the why

MetaClock is the most advanced Online Alarm Clock over the internet

MetaClock wakes thousands of people up each morning since 2006, and is by far more advanced than any other Online Alarm Clock that's around there.

MetaClock is not a normal alarm clock, it has widgets that can be added to the alarm, such as a Weather widget to see the daily forecast, a YouTube Video Widget so people can wake up to their favorite YouTube video, and more.

MetaClock is a Social Alarm Clock. You read it right. Every person that's waking up with MetaClock is automatically submitting a post in to The Meta Wall so everyone can see who woke when and to what song and note.

To get started, simply Log in to MetaClock with your Facebook profile via the "Log in via Facebook" blue button on the top right and start using MetaClock.

Who are we?

MetaClock was founded by Tomer Gal on 2006, and originally was a basic online alarm clock with a bunch of tunes.
After six months MetaClock was filled with people other than us and started to gain some heavy traffic relatively to such a small new website.

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Other Services

MetaClock is not only an alarm clock, we also provide:

  • Lite Alarm Clock - Don't need all MetaClock fancy features? Try the Lite Alarm Clock which is smaller and faster
  • YouTube Alarm Clock - Wake up to your favorite YouTube song, this clock is dedicated entirely to tunes out from YouTube and nothing else
  • Online Stopwatch - An online stopwatch that can log your results
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