How to use MetaClock

A brief guide

MetaClock has a lot of features, and making the most of it is pretty much all the fun.

(if you wish to use a lighter and cleaner version of MetaClock you can try the Lite Alarm Clock instead)

Here is a brief description and tips for each of MetaClocks windows (or widgets):

The Alarm window

The alarm widget lets you set the alarm time. Just choose the time you wish and press the Set Alarm button.

The Tune widget

The tune widget allows you to choose your desired tune from the list in it, or if you want to upload your own you can always do that by pressing the Upload your own tune button below the list.

Tip: most of the time it's just quicker and more convenient to look for the desired tune in the YouTube widget

The Notes widget

Just write a free text to be remembered to you once you wake up :-)

You can also publish your note as a Facebook status (if you're logged in) by checking the "Publish this note on my Facebook wall when I wake up".

The YouTube widget

You can choose a video from YouTube to be played once the alarm goes off.

Tip: It is strongly adviced not to put both the YouTube widget and the Tunes widgets active togather, or you'll might have a noisy morning :-)

The Photo of the Day widget

The Photo of the Day widget is giving you each day a new amazing photo to start your day with.

You can publish the Photo of the Day on Facebook by clicking the Facebook button on the bottom right.

The Horoscope widget

Just choose your sign and MetaClock will show you your daily horoscope when you wake up.

The Weather widget

You can see your daily forecast where you live by simply entering your location.

The Did You Know and Quote of the Day widgets

These widgets are amazing as they are self explainatory :-)

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