Why everyone should use an online alarm clock

Why everyone should use an online alarm clock

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We all need to be reminded of an event we intend engaging in ranging from attending a meeting, waking up from sleep, catching a flight etc. with this in mind, the alarm clock was invented.

An alarm clock (or online alarm clock) is a clock that is designed to alert an individual or group of persons at a specified time. The sole function is to awaken people from their night sleeps or naps; they are sometimes used for other reminders as well – this is why an alarm clock is often associated with a to-do list. Some online alarm clocks are built to emit sound; some emit light or vibration. In whichever way, their primary function is alert an individual for a specified time. There are different types of alarm clocks.

Are you a engaged to a regular morning exercise to keep the body fit and you need to wait up at a specified time to perform this function by an alarm clock? Metaclock – the internet alarm clock, guarantees you this. It has customizable layout and behaviour via one settings panel and an adoring display that leaves its users drooling over it.  It in-built with easy to use features and identifiable icons. The features that distinguish it from other internet alarm clocks include:

Navigation: The good thing about this application is that it is very easy to use. It does not require high maintenance, not a software download or even creating an account. It is a friendly user app for all. The features it contains are easy to use even for someone that is not versed with digital navigations. It has a conspicuous and fantastic design. Although being the most functional alarm clock, MetaClock still comes with easy navigation system.


MetaClock online alarm clock main page
The alarm clock layout (can be modified comfortably in the settings menu) Click here to use metaclock.


Sound: Because MetaClock is an online alarm clock, your alarm for most users plays by computer speakers, which can be adjusted for better volume and has better sound quality.

Also, MetaClock app has many of its own in-built alarm tones. The users can also upload their alarm tunes or use a YouTube video. Most of the alarm tones are standard tone. The users also get the opportunity to use other users tones and YouTube videos in the alarm.

You can select one of our lovely tunes:

Alarm clock tune window - select a tune
Alarm clock tune window – select a tune from the list

Or maybe a YouTube video:

Alarm clock tune window - select a YouTube video
Alarm clock tune window – select your favorite YouTube video to wake up to

You can even upload and enjoy your own tune:

Alarm clock tune window - Upload your own tune
Alarm clock tune window – Upload your own tune

Modifiable snooze time: You can adjust the snooze time of MetaClock. It is very adjustable. The users can set the snooze time according in tandem choice. To activate the snooze time (this is done to stop the clock alarm), you simply just have to touch the screen of the phone. The activation of snooze time will stop the alarm of the clock temporarily.

Alarm clock snooze button
Set your alarm clock snooze times and duration between each snooze

Custom settings: It is the desire of every user of an online alarm clock to design the outlook of his/clock clock. Metaclock understands this craving and this is why its alarm clock comes with a feature that will allow you to change the background of your alarm clock with ease. It will permit you to choose any color of a background of your choice.

Alarm clock settings
Set general settings – add actions to your alarm clock and personalize your layout

The online alarm clock settings lets you:

  1. Adjust the time format to fit your needs – AM/PM or a military clock format (12-hour clock).
  2. Select your desired background: You can use the default, select from our lovely collection of backgrounds or give a URL to your personal favorite photo.
  3. Alarm clock countdown – You can set rather the countdown would be visible while the alarm and also in your browser’s tab title.
  4. Website opening: You can use Metaclock to open websites such or your GMail or your favorite news website, or any website you intend visiting at a particular time. When the specified time is due, Metaclock alarm activates which wakes up the user from sleep. The URL of the website opens when the alarm goes off.
  5. Desktop notification – If you want MetaClock to popup a notification when you wake up, this setting is for you.
  6. Much more!

Super display: Our clock has various timing modes that can be easily adjusted by users. The timing modes are of 12hrs time node and 24hrs time node. You can choose to view it in fullscreen or even play with backgrounds.

Lights on & Lights off: Once the alarm is set, MetaClock will turn off the lights on your online alarm clock to save power on your monitor and to dim the lights in the room the computer is active on.

MetaClock alarm window
MetaClock alarm window – customize your time layout, background and play games until you fell asleep.

Still can’t sleep? No worries, we’ve got you covered – you can read some interesting articles or play some games until you fall asleep. We have dozens of games for you to make your eyes feel more tired and help you fall asleep quicker.


Metaclock resolve an issue for a lot of us- waking up at a certain time. With our busy lifestyles and experiencing a hectic day at place of work and through other activities, we tend to have a hard time dragging our body out from the bed each morning. If it wasn’t for that alarm some probably would not get up until the supposed time to wake up has gone. Metaclock the online alarm clock would certainly help you with waking up at the designated and specified time.

It helps to develop a regular sleeping pattern and maintain a regular schedule. Unfortunately some alarm clocks does not provide vital features as a to-do list, snooze control, weather display – things that are essential to any of us once we wake up, so having them bundled in our alarm clock is the perfect combination. Metaclock is a social online alarm clock and is built to share morning tunes between its’ users – our ambition is to create a fully social alarm clock that allows people to collaborate their morning experience. With this online alarm clock, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful night sleep and a good start for your day once you wake up in the morning.

Metaclock alarming clock service provides you with the option of setting your favorite alarm tune. Unlike other digital alarm clocks that has alarm tunes that may leave little effect on the user, Metaclock has made it available for the user to set any alarm that him/her chooses is fit to possess an effect.

These are the reasons of using Metaclock online alarm clock and the features that set our services apart. Our features will surely enhance your mornings in a positive way.

We are always open for new ideas and feedbacks. If you think something can work better, don’t be shy, contact us!

Click here to use MetaClock, the social online alarm clock.


Benefits of Quality Sleep

Benefits of Quality Sleep

Sleep is a state of reduced self-consciousness during which one rests in a daily rhythm. It is a restorative state. During sleeping, the body regenerates lost energy and accomplish various metabolic processes which can prove vital to perform the next day’s activities.

Running of day to day activities require a healthy wellbeing to be able to execute the tasks effectively. With lack of a quality sleep, running a day activity can be poor and daunting. In this article, we would be highlighting some of the benefits of having a quality sleep. They are:


Reduce chances of Obesity

Studies by various independent studies by medical researchers has it that people who sleep less tend to be obese, a study conducted over 500 people for 13 years discovered that people who slept less than 7 hours a night regularly display more aptness to be obese- even after controlling other factors that can contribute to obesity.

Tendency of one to get obsessed through lack of sound sleep boils down to the fact that little sleep can lead to altering of levels of the hormones that regulate satiety and hunger leading to overeating, overweight and obesity.


Decrease chances of becoming Diabetic

People who don’t have enough sleep are more prone to acquire type 2 diabetes. A study conducted at the University of Chicago in 2007 found that three consecutive nights of inadequate sleep increases one’s chances of getting type 2 diabetes. This medical disorder arises from the inability of the body’s insulin-producing cells to produce insulin to counter the glucose levels in the body, elevating glucose levels and leaving the body open to diabetes.


High self esteem

Little sleep increases chances of one’s chances of developing low self-esteem. It increases sensitivity. A non-validation from friends, loved ones can result to low self-esteem when quality sleep is deprived of the body. Having a quality sleep can prevent this anomaly.


Low medical cost

Medical disorders associated with lack of quality sleep such as apnea and insomnia can cost one a lot of money unlike those that are having quality sleep. Medical consultations for diagnosis to be made and treatment for the disorders which can be costly.


Migraines and headaches

In a study conducted on migraine sufferers, majority attributed the cause to the lack of proper sleep. Lack of quality sleep can trigger headache as well.


Better sex life

Sleeping poorly ruins one’s sex life. It lowers libido and can make people more likely to encounter sexual problems ranging from low sexual drive to erectile dysfunction. This stems from the decrease in the production of testosterone, which boosts sexual drive for both men and women.


Muscle build up is done easily

It is advised by medical experts that quality sleep is necessary and an aid for a quick and proper muscle building. The body does repairing of damaged cells and tissues during the night while sleeping. The body while sleeping releases the growth hormone, a hormone that aids the repairing and growth of the damaged muscle cell.


Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Another benefit of having quality sleep is that sound, uninterrupted sleep helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Clearing up of bad amyloid, a toxin found in the brain take place during the deepest part of sleep. When you sleep well, there will be enough time for your brain to wash away these harmful toxins that have built up over the course of the day. If you fail to have quality, sound rest and sleep, the bad amyloid will end up accumulating in the brain. Thus, causing Alzheimer’s.


Increases learning ability

For a student, a nocturnal sleep is necessary to aid learning. While the body rests, the brain processes information from the day and stores them in the memory. Without adequate sleep, the mind becomes foggy, judgment becomes poor and fine motor skills hindered.

There you have it! All the above are some of the benefits of having quality sleep. It is recommended by medical experts that the body should be given 7-8 hours of sleep. This medical advice should be adhered to prevent being at the receiving end of the negative effect of poor sleep.


How To Brighten Up Your Breakfast

How To Brighten Up Your Breakfast

None of us like getting up in the morning, but breakfast doesn’t have to be a drag. Here’s how you can amend three normal aspects of your breakfast – toast, cereal and juice – to make your morning the best it can possibly be.



One of the most common breakfast meals, most of us tend to scrape a bit of peanut butter or jelly over our toast as we eat it over the sink so we don’t dirty any plates or get crumbs on the worktop. But if you take an extra ten minutes, you can make your morning toast one of the most delicious things that you eat all day. That peanut butter can be brightened up with an addition of some fruit slices. Adding banana slices will add some extra potassium and give you plenty of energy to start your day off right, while apple slices will add more brightness to the taste of your peanut butter along with plenty of anti-oxidants. If you want to live the hipster life, why not try out smashed avocado? It’s a lot quicker and easier to make than you might think. All you have to do is mash up avocado in a bowl, add a little citrus juice, salt and pepper, and maybe a small sprinkling of chili – and you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast.


It’s easy to shake out some cornflakes into a bowl in the mornings simply as a way to fill your stomach so that there’s something stopping you from eating your lunch halfway through the morning at work. But there are ways to make your morning cereal more delicious and more nutritious. One of the top ways to do that is to make porridge or oatmeal instead of regular cereal – this is particularly delicious in the winter if you want something filling and warming to set you up for the rest of the day. Whether you want to add a little maple syrup and banana slices or a handful of summer berries like strawberries and blueberries, oatmeal will provide you with plenty of fiber at the start of the day. If you’re not an oatmeal person, try cereals that are wholewheat or wholegrain, and go for milk without too much fat in it.



If you’re the sort of person who chokes down a glass of orange juice first thing in the morning to give yourself some vitamin C to start the day off right, you’re adding more sugar to your everyday diet than you really need to. If you like something sweet and delicious first thing, why not add more fruits to your morning juice so that you get more nutrients into it? Invest in a blender and add a base of coconut water, fruit juice or milk, along with your favorite combination of fruits. Strawberry and banana is a classic that everyone enjoys, but if you’re feeling a little more experimental and healthy, then why not create a green juice with kale, green apple and broccoli? If you aren’t a breakfast person, a smoothie is the perfect thing to take to work to sip through the morning so you aren’t tempted by that office vending machine and junk food.


Finally, just remember that even if you aren’t a breakfast pro, don’t worry – all that really matters is that you eat something to make sure that your metabolism’s running well for the rest of the day.

Too Stressed? 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Too Stressed? 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

In today’s busy world it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s no time to slow down, and things often build up to a point where the stress becomes too much. Anxiety leads to panic attacks and other problems. For some, it can very hard to cope. You may feel powerless, like you have no control over what is happening in your life. However, there are ways to help manage the stress that causes anxiety. These 5 tips will help you get that feeling of being in control back again.


1) Take A Step Back

Take a moment for you. Take up yoga, meditation, or painting, any activity that you find calm and relaxing. Even just sitting by a peaceful lake for a while feeding the ducks, or reading in your favorite chair can be a good way to relax.

When the noise in your head is too much, taking a step back will help calm your mind. This way you can return to dealing with the issue later and not feel so overwhelmed.


2) Sleep It Off

Being tired makes anxiety worse. It’s hard to handle stress when your body needs rest. Getting a good night’s sleep will help give you the ability to process problems more easily and decrease feelings of anxiousness.

Try for 8 hours of sleep every night in a dark, cool, quiet room. Light and noise prevent you from getting to the stage of deep sleep that your body needs. If you’re a night-shift worker, try blackout curtains and turn down your thermostat a little. Turn off your phone and let people know that you cannot be disturbed. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and have a clearer head.


3) Breathe Deep

Develop a coping mechanism for stressful situations. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and count to 10. This is like a “pause mode” where you take a second before confronting an issue. Jumping into a situation too quickly or piling things on too fast adds to your anxiety.

Using a coping mechanism gives you time to sort out stressors and regroup before you get overwhelmed. It will decrease your stress level and prevent anxiety.


4) Look For A Pattern

What situations cause you the most anxiety?

Keep a journal to track the moments where you feel overly anxious. Look for patterns. Maybe it’s dealing with certain co-workers or certain situations at school. Write down everything that was happening with you felt the anxiety coming.

Once you know the things that are most likely to trigger your anxiety you can form a plan for dealing with these situations. You’ll be able to prepare yourself before anything happens. Take a moment or deep breathe ahead of time so that you feel ready to face it.


5) Talk It Out

Find someone you trust, a friend, family member, or mental health professional that you feel comfortable talking to when you’re anxious. Venting your feelings will help lessen your anxiety. Knowing that you are not alone will help you feel more calm and relaxed.

There are many ways to manage anxiety. Everyone is different. You may have to try a few techniques before you find what works for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed and have severe anxiety, talk to your doctor or mental health professional. Seeking help is sometimes the best answer to the problem.

How to Fall Asleep Quickly

How to Fall Asleep Quickly

How to Fall Asleep Quickly – 10 Natural Ways to Get Your ZZZs

If you find yourself included in the category of adults who suffer from insomnia, you need to learn how to fall asleep quickly. Try these 10 natural ways to prepare your body and mind for dreamland.


Tip 1: Drown Your Sorrows

No, this does not refer to getting drunk. That would likely bring short term relief and long term problems. Rather, if you are feeling stressed or tense, take a hot bath to relax your body and mind. Use your favorite bubble bath to create a soothing atmosphere.


Tip 2: Ditch the Devices

It has become well-known that screen time reduces your ability to fall asleep. If you use your electronic gadgets before bedtime, you may have difficulty falling asleep. If you sleep with your phone, then you have the potential to create a condition of sleep deprivation. Turn them off for an hour or more before going to bed.


Tip 3: Change Location

If you wake up and cannot get back to sleep, get up and do an activity that uses the attention of your hands and brain like knitting or sewing. A few minutes should be enough. (Do not watch television or reach for your phone!) It will recreate the scenario of going to bed when you return to the bedroom. It may trick your mind and body into falling asleep again.


Tip 4: Lose Track of Time

Before getting into bed, hide all devices that will let you see easily what the time is. The more you check the clock, the more stressed you are likely to become. Try to focus on your surroundings instead of wondering what hour it is. Notice the feel of the warm bed, the soothing sound of the wind or rain, or the heaviness of your body.


Tip 5: Cool Things Down

Check the temperature of your bedroom an hour or so before bedtime. Adjust the temperature so that it reaches the condition that you prefer by the time you retire. Many people sleep better if the room is cool. Open a window for a few minutes to lower the temperature before you get into bed.


Tip 6: Be a Fashion Statement

What you are wearing in bed can contribute to your comfort level. Do not wear nightclothes that make you feel itchy or too warm. Find a material that is soothing and suits your needs. You may also try wearing socks or using a hot water bottle if you sleep better with warm feet.


Tip 7: Get Smelly

Lavender is reputed to induce a relaxed state that encourages sleep. There may be other essential oils that you find soothing as well. Try infusing your room with a scent that reduces tension, and then take several deep breaths when you get into bed.


Tip 8: Do Some Mental Math

For some people, the mental effort to concentrate on an activity like adding large numbers will lull them into sleep. It works along the same lines as getting sleepy when you are trying to stay awake. Another excellent way to use this method is to try and recall names of places or people from your past or movies.


Tip 9: Feel the Beat

If you enjoy music, play some with a slow relaxing beat at bedtime. However, be sure to choose music that is not upbeat or triggers strong emotions in you. Those choices will backfire and create wakefulness.


Tip 10: Meditate On It

A meditation practice or relaxation technique may be just the tool to get you mentally and physically ready to get some shut-eye. An internet search will turn up resources that are easy to use and suit your lifestyle and needs. Make sure it is not a method that feels uncomfortable or forced, or it may have the opposite effect.


These 10 tips will help you get a handle on how to fall asleep quickly and naturally. Try one each night until you determine which practices suit your lifestyle and enjoy restful slumber.