How to Fall Asleep Quickly

How to Fall Asleep Quickly

How to Fall Asleep Quickly – 10 Natural Ways to Get Your ZZZs

If you find yourself included in the category of adults who suffer from insomnia, you need to learn how to fall asleep quickly. Try these 10 natural ways to prepare your body and mind for dreamland.


Tip 1: Drown Your Sorrows

No, this does not refer to getting drunk. That would likely bring short term relief and long term problems. Rather, if you are feeling stressed or tense, take a hot bath to relax your body and mind. Use your favorite bubble bath to create a soothing atmosphere.


Tip 2: Ditch the Devices

It has become well-known that screen time reduces your ability to fall asleep. If you use your electronic gadgets before bedtime, you may have difficulty falling asleep. If you sleep with your phone, then you have the potential to create a condition of sleep deprivation. Turn them off for an hour or more before going to bed.


Tip 3: Change Location

If you wake up and cannot get back to sleep, get up and do an activity that uses the attention of your hands and brain like knitting or sewing. A few minutes should be enough. (Do not watch television or reach for your phone!) It will recreate the scenario of going to bed when you return to the bedroom. It may trick your mind and body into falling asleep again.


Tip 4: Lose Track of Time

Before getting into bed, hide all devices that will let you see easily what the time is. The more you check the clock, the more stressed you are likely to become. Try to focus on your surroundings instead of wondering what hour it is. Notice the feel of the warm bed, the soothing sound of the wind or rain, or the heaviness of your body.


Tip 5: Cool Things Down

Check the temperature of your bedroom an hour or so before bedtime. Adjust the temperature so that it reaches the condition that you prefer by the time you retire. Many people sleep better if the room is cool. Open a window for a few minutes to lower the temperature before you get into bed.


Tip 6: Be a Fashion Statement

What you are wearing in bed can contribute to your comfort level. Do not wear nightclothes that make you feel itchy or too warm. Find a material that is soothing and suits your needs. You may also try wearing socks or using a hot water bottle if you sleep better with warm feet.


Tip 7: Get Smelly

Lavender is reputed to induce a relaxed state that encourages sleep. There may be other essential oils that you find soothing as well. Try infusing your room with a scent that reduces tension, and then take several deep breaths when you get into bed.


Tip 8: Do Some Mental Math

For some people, the mental effort to concentrate on an activity like adding large numbers will lull them into sleep. It works along the same lines as getting sleepy when you are trying to stay awake. Another excellent way to use this method is to try and recall names of places or people from your past or movies.


Tip 9: Feel the Beat

If you enjoy music, play some with a slow relaxing beat at bedtime. However, be sure to choose music that is not upbeat or triggers strong emotions in you. Those choices will backfire and create wakefulness.


Tip 10: Meditate On It

A meditation practice or relaxation technique may be just the tool to get you mentally and physically ready to get some shut-eye. An internet search will turn up resources that are easy to use and suit your lifestyle and needs. Make sure it is not a method that feels uncomfortable or forced, or it may have the opposite effect.


These 10 tips will help you get a handle on how to fall asleep quickly and naturally. Try one each night until you determine which practices suit your lifestyle and enjoy restful slumber.

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